About Footbridge

Footbridge Consulting started in 2016 in response to the emerging needs for specialized services within the IT Industry. Our goal then, and now, is to bring our level of Commitment and Integrity to these growing niche’ markets.  These values are reflected in the type of people we hire for Footbridge as well as for each of our clients.

Footbridge is committed to our People, Your Projects, and Exceptional Results.


Why we are different

 Our philosophy is that we cannot afford to be merely a staffing agency – the world is full of them. We must be a living, breathing set of principles.

 We believe that:
– The ability to listen and be flexible is what sets us apart
– Each of our clients is unique in their culture, needs, and work styles
– Each candidate we place is an opportunity to powerfully impact both Footbridge and our client(s) organization


We believe it's our team that sets us apart. Their character, work ethic, and genuine approach to the human element of our business - makes us Footbridge.


Footbridge sets a focus on delivering projects on time, under budget, and prioritizes solving our clients problems.


We have a track record for success. Our rapid growth rate is attributed to the results of continuing to deliver to our clients on a daily basis.