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Companies that understand the strategic importance of information technology integrate it into everything they do. Smarter Grids and fundamentally changing business models are creating new challenges—and opportunities. Today’s Utilities understand that more than anyone. A properly executed technology plan includes components that ensure that the right resources are available to execute that plan at the right time.

Since 2000, we have been committed to the needs of the Energy and Utilities Industry. Today, FootBridge Consulting supplies your critical IT Project needs with experienced and certified professionals that understand the elevated threat landscape, and the 24 hour support your industry requires.


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FootBridge provided a significant number of consulting resources for my team from 2012-2017. He was always able to deliver difficult to find talent while staying in my budget. I highly recommend FootBridge to support any financial services customer to deliver great talents and support the account.

—Vice President, Infrastructure, Financial Organization

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It’s a race today for quality candidates. I have used Footbridge Consulting for those unique Java Developers that unfortunately everyone else wants. Sometimes my teams shift requirements midstream…they handle it and get me what I need. They have been straightforward and speak my language. I’ll use them again!

— Vice President, Information Technology Organization, Portsmouth, NH
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I worked with FootBridge 2014 – 2015 when I was at (Investment Firm). FootBridge helped find .Net candidates for our IT organization. What really impressed me about FootBridge, which set them apart from other recruiters I have worked with, was his follow through after placement. FootBridge checked in frequently with both myself and the person he placed to make sure the engagement was going well from both perspectives.

— Vice President, Applications, Investment Firm
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I met the team at Footbridge Consulting four or five years ago at a conference. We have really clicked since then. My needs are somewhat sporadic, but when I need IT Support they have outworked the competition in delivering results! What I like is they handle everything for me and they get it. From prescreening candidates and background checks to selection and eventual onboarding, they get it and I don’t have to worry.

— Vice President IT Services, Financial Organization, Cincinatti, OH


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